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What Makes IMPT A Unique Investment In Your Portfolio?

IMTP is a cryptocurrency developed on the Ethereum Blockchain with the sole mission to solve large scale environmental problems like global warming.

This is a platform that allows users to easily purchase carbon credits to offset their own emissions. The portal also provides investors with exposure to environmental sustainability initiatives from across the world.

The Impact Project has amassed an amazing network of over 25,000 affiliates in recent months. These associated companies have decided to use the platform to lessen their environmental effect. Companies like Microsoft and Netflix are also part of the affiliate program.

Since blockchain technology will likely play a crucial role in the near future’s technological landscape, some have speculated that it might eventually alter the way humans interact with the environment.

The IMPT token, issued by the Impact Project, is an excellent choice for anybody interested in investing in the areas of environment, society, and governance (ESG). You participate in the presale of this environmentally conscious crypto through the official website. 

IMPT Raises $9 Million

Earlier last month, after initial platform development, Impact Token conducted its presale, raising $9 million in just three weeks. Impact Token has a strong foundation for big gains at its complete launch, thanks to the high demand from investors and the growing network of affiliates supporting the Impact Project.

Currently, the IMPT presale is in its initial round, with tokens going for $0.018 apiece. The first stage of the presale ends on November 25 or when $10.8 million has been raised, whichever comes first.

With a total supply of 600,000,000 tokens, over 253,000,000 have been purchased thus far. Because of this, I predict that the coin will be completely sold out before the end of the allotted time.

In the second phase, each Impact token will be sold for $0.023. The third phase should see even more price appreciation for the item.

More in the Pipeline

The Impact Project’s donation of $100,000 is an additional positive sign.

One of the asset’s early-stage investors will get 100,000 IMPT as part of the project’s promotional push. In order to participate in the draw, potential investors must have $100 worth of tokens at the time of the draw and actively participate in the Impact Project’s social media channels.

If you want more information offer, simply visit the IMPT website.

What’s The Process for acquiring IMPT Token?

Are you interested in doing your bit for the environment with the help of cryptocurrency? Simply follow the steps listed below for you:

Create a Wallet

In order to invest in a cryptocurrency, you need to create a crypto wallet to save your tokens. For purchasing IMPT tokens, you require a wallet that is compatible with the ERC-20 token standard. One of the best wallets you could use to buy IMPT tokens would be the MetaMask wallet.


In order to purchase IMPT, investors must first acquire Ethereum or Tether which can be bought either from any well know crypto platform or from the IMPT website itself as it has collaborated with Transak — a well-known fiat-to-cryptocurrency payments processor. (Only ETH can be bought from IMPT website).

Link Your Wallet

The next step is to link your wallets. This can be done by clicking on the “Connect Wallet” button found on IMPT homepage. Select a wallet type from the pop-up then follow the instructions to link your wallet with IMPT.


Finally, the investment may be made after the wallet has been linked. You can buy as many IMPT tokens as you wish with ETH or USDT. Keep in mind that there is a minimum order requirement of 10 tokens for the transaction to be completed.

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