Binance Price Prediction Today, November 27, 2022: BNB/USD Breaks to the Upside

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Price in the Binance Coin market has gained significant upward momentum. This is seen as the price broke the long-standing $300 resistance. Additionally, price movements seem to have secured a base to even reach higher.

BNB Forecast Statistics Data:
Binance’s current price: is $314
Binance market cap: $50 billion
BNB circulating supply: 159.97 million
Binance total supply: 159.97 billion
BNB Coinmarketcap ranking: #4

Crucial Price Levels:
Top: $314, $334, $360
Botom: $300, $280, $260

Binance Price Prediction Today, November 27, 2022: BNB/USD Keeps Marching Higher

There have been some significant price increases in the BNB/USD recently. Binance coin price ramped up significantly within a short period. Additionally, the last price candle seems to behave as if price action has found support above the $300 price mark. Meanwhile, the MACD curves have given a bullish crossover from below the equilibrium point, and its lines are moving steeply upwards. Also, the distance between these lines appears to be indicating the price volatility, which in this case is towards the upside. Therefore, price action may soon be moving toward the $320 level.

Binance Price Prediction Today, November 27, 2022: BNB/USD Breaks to the Upside

BNB Price Prediction Today, November 27, 2022: BNB/BTC Amplifies Upside Move

Price action upside movement looks amplified in the BNB/BTC. This market appears seriously bullish and at this point shapes to break further upwards. The most recent price candle on this chart stays significantly above the middle line of the Bollinger. Unlike the BNB/USD market, price action has performed an upside crossover high above the equilibrium point. The activities on the MACD point that the upside forces are increasing. Going by indications price in this market is set to break the resistance of 0.01916. Traders can still go long at this point as price action seems to be aiming higher.

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