Binance Introduces First Ever One Second (1s) Spot Trading Intervals –

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Binance Introduces First Ever One Second (1s) Spot Trading Intervals
On September 22 Binance released news of the latest product development implemented to help further innovate and advance the cryptocurrency trading platform of the largest crypto exchange in the world by volume. In a tweet from the Binance Twitter account, it was confirmed that the exchange had in fact released the first ever one second (1s) interval.

The new one second interval is available in the spot trading suite for use currently. A few users who commented on the official Binance tweet pointed out that they’d noticed when the upgrade went live on the BTCUSDT trade page prior to the announcement.

How The One Second Interval Can Support Trading
While it seems that a one second interval may not assist in many traditional and typical investing and trading scenarios, there are several scenarios which could use an additional tool like one second interval price fluctuations. One such scenario is in the futures and more specifically, options markets. While the one second interval screen is only available in the spot trading portal at this current stage, even mildly experienced traders and investors are most often familiar with the likelihood of an advantage often made possible by the integration of multiple screens, and even devices in some cases.

The one second interval screen could serve as a valuable tool for day traders, swing traders, hybrid traders, and investors who frequent crypto futures and derivatives. Another scenario which could seek to gain some form of leverage through integrating the one second interval screen are in scenarios when TA is being used to determine future potential entry and exit positions, optimal trading zones and more. Market trends may be able to be determined and confirmed with greater confidence with the help of this new Binance product and tool. Having the ability to evaluate such exact data manually or with the assistance of machine computing, could serve as another valuable use for the one second interval data points.

Binance Continues As A Cryptocurrency And Blockchain Leader
As is often the case with industry leaders introducing never-before-seen tools to the marketplace, this may cause more exchanges and crypto trading platforms to follow behind the Binance example and look to implement chart frames with significantly shorter time frames. There exists the potential that given Binance saw fit to implement the new tool which looks to offer much deeper views into the price movement and micro trends of crypto assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum and others, additional crypto platforms will eventually as well.

Another demographic which can potentially leverage this new tool launched by Binance are developers. Whenever engineers build decentralized applications which require crypto price and other chart data, they often aggregate the data from other trusted sources. The one second interval chart could serve as a handy tool to be integrated into future dApps and other blockchain and cryptocurrency-based developments.

Focusing On Building The Future
Binance has shown that as the world’s leading crypto exchange, the company is committed to collectively building a stronger future state for the decentralized web and its supporting technology – the blockchain. Initiatives such as the BNB Chain Accelerator fund, an incubator for decentralized projects to gather support, and resources to develop their ideas and launch publicly, have played a part in exemplifying the company’s commitment to developing tomorrow’s blockchain-aligned world.

This new one second interval can perhaps be seen as yet another point plotted on the road of innovation and development by the Binance team. Traders, investors, developers and others are free to explore the new tool on their own by accessing the Binance platform and entering the spot trading suite for any actively listed cryptocurrency coin or token.

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