Andrew Rogozov becomes the head of Product Efforts at the TON Foundation

The TON Foundation has appointed Andrew Rogozov as a founding member. Rogosov will be the lead of Product Efforts at TON. The TON Foundation was initially created by Telegram’s founders in 2018.

The appointment of Rogozov can enable the foundation to integrate with Telegram through new features.

Rogozov’s appointment at TON

The document detailing this appointment noted that Rogosov would use his leadership skills to enable the foundation to fulfil its potential by launching an open-source blockchain that is efficient and widely used.

Commenting on his own appointment, Rogozov stated, “as we speak, multiple products have already been shipped that are at the intersection of TON and Telegram: the Tonkeeper wallet, the @donate inline bot in Telegram handling subscriptions to paid channels with Toncoin, and wallet bot.”

Before his appointment at TON, Rogozov was the Vice President Social at VKontakte, a leading social media company in Russia. He joined the company in 2014 and rose up the ranks. Besides working at TON, Rogozov will continue his advisory role at VKontakte.

TON’s integration with Telegram

TON was initially known as Telegram Open Network. However, this name raised issues with the US Securities and Exchange Commission that barred the blockchain project from issuing tokens. Telegram backed out, and the project was renamed The Open Network.

The Open Network seeks to offer speeds and scalability. It was among the first blockchain projects to use a proof-of-stake consensus to validate transactions.

“I see huge opportunities at the intersection of the TON blockchain, the Telegram platform with its active audience of over 600 million users, and the community of world-class developers who have the potential to create a large number of next-generation global product companies,” Rogozov stated.

While the integration of TON with Telegram failed in the past, there is optimism that this could work, given that the two firms have gained stability. Additionally, the blockchain sector has grown significantly in terms of adoption. The involvement of regulators in the sector could see the successful integration of The Open Network into Telegram.

Rogozov noted that TON was pursuing a key adoption strategy to integrate with Telegram. Additionally, it explores APIs and development tools that will attract the vast user base on the social media platform. He noted that this move “heavily intersects with the audience of crypto power users.” With this integration, the over $500 million users on Telegram will gain access to blockchain technology.

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