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Almost every modern online poker player kickstarts their gaming journey with a card game. With the wide range of casino games available, it’s very easy for you to start low and gradually work your way up. However, if you are a player who has reached higher levels in the game, you might want to try your luck in the most prestigious online poker tournaments. In this article, we have listed some of the best online poker tournaments you should watch out for in 2021.

Online Poker Tournaments

The largest online poker rooms are known to offer the best tournaments. The top websites for online poker tournaments are also the biggest poker sites around the world.

In this post, we have also described what we like and what we don’t about the online poker tournaments hosted by the best casino sites. This will help you make informed decisions on where you choose to play.

What Is A Poker Tournament?

Unlike the cash game that runs indefinitely, the poker tournament starts at the predetermined start time with every player purchasing a ticket to events at a set price and start placing bets at the same time with the same number of chips. The players continue playing until a player gets eliminated after losing all their chips. A specific number of finishers (about 10% of the overall starting field) get paid on the descending scale from a winner down to the final paid finishing slot.

All the players who finish under the lowest-paid slot (for instance in 100 players tournaments, all the players finishing from 100th to 11th) leave these tournaments with just a story. The buy-ins for poker tournaments run from just a few pennies up to $1,000,000 – which is the most expensive tournament around the world!

1. The India Online Poker Championship

Poker online is currently blowing up in India. The nation has produced many poker stars like Aditya Agarwal, Nipun Java, and Vivek Rajkumar, most of whom have over time accumulated over $1,000,000 in tournament earnings. Today, more Indians are playing online poker than ever before, thanks to the growing gambling arena. Indians love placing real money bets on everything from sports to poker, and the market is quite saturated that they need more betting sites to help them have a wide range of options. They can choose a website based on their favourite casino games or the available bonuses. Considering that the gambling industry is estimated to be worth about $1.1B, players will find it very useful to improve their betting strategy and consider different aspects like payment options.

This gaming environment is ideal for online poker tournaments. Besides the number of people that want to take part in the tournament, there are many more that are interested in spectating these games. Essentially, the biggest online poker tournament is India Online Poker Championship that happens each year. The poker series that begins in January, has a guaranteed cash prize of 28 crores. There are different high roller tournaments alongside the main event, and people that prefer to watch the games can enjoy live streaming these events.

The India Online Poker Championship

2. World Series of Poker (WSOP) Winter Online Circuit

The WSOP hosts many online events and the most recent version is the Winter Online Circuit. This started at the backend of 2020 and will definitely continue through January 2021. There are about 18 tournaments that have been announced lately and the winner receives a World Series of Poker ring.

The greatest attraction in the World Series of Poker Winter Online Circuit to look out for is the primary event that was scheduled for 10th January. The buy-in for this was $1,700 and the winning player gets a chance to receive $10,000,000. These many online poker tournaments give potential poker players a great platform upon which they can gain more recognition in this industry.


3. Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP)

The Spring Championship of Online Poker has been around since 2009 and seems to get bigger each year. It’s one of the most popular gaming events in the poker calendar because of the number of events available, alongside the mouth-watering prize fund.

The previous 2020 SCOOP featured over 65 events with buy-ins ranging from $5 to $55,000. The price flexibility is what makes it more accessible to players of different budget levels and abilities. In 2020’s main event, Alexgirs, a Belarus based player, won the tournament and walked away with $920,596. Technically, SCOOP has allowed many players that only exists in the online circuits to earn more and has ultimately helped them reach higher prowess levels.

Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP)

4. World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP)

You have most likely heard about WCOOP. Commonly known as the World Championship of Online Poker, this is one of the major online poker series that runs longest. This amazing event is well known across the globe for its diversity and abundance. There are over 100 different tournaments, feature many variations of poker.

For any poker player interested in trying out other games rather than Texas Hold’em, WCOOP offers 5 Card Draw, Fixed Limit Omaha, Razz, and other variations of online poker. Also, this competition is open to almost anyone, with buy-ins for some of the tournaments having been set as low as just $2. Also, other astonishing prizes are available, with luck players taking home over $1 million in previous years.

If you have just started your poker journey, the best thing you can do is stick to the small tournaments at the top poker sites. However, if you want to move to the high levels and start playing against other well established and experienced players, trying out any of the online poker tournaments listed here will be a good decision.

World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP)

Why Online Poker Tournaments Have Become So Popular

Tournaments have been a major aspect of online poker for many years. Every other weekend, poker players find themselves looking for marquee final tables with hopes of adding a substantial amount of money to their poker budget. Every once in a while, the lucky player walks away with life-changing sums of money.

Following are some of the reasons why online poker tournaments have increasingly become popular.

Potential for Big Winnings

Although many players consider the ability to win big as one of the main reasons they chose to play at tournaments, recreational poker players look for online tournaments due to the low monetary investment required to enter as compared to the ability to win huge cash prizes.

Also, this applies to live poker tournaments, however, the top poker sites host major events each week which offer players with a smaller bankroll the chance to move up the ladder to a high payoff table that can result in huge winnings.

The allure of beating other poker players and winning life-changing sums of money is what attracts many players to multi-table tournaments. Also, if you play poker online, you will find free tournaments also known as freerolls that can help you with real money prizes as you learn more about the game.

Consistent Rake Rates

Poker online tournaments, especially in their traditional format, continue to provide easy to learn rake rates that have remained the same for many years. Essentially, this has allowed gamblers of different skill levels to familiarize themselves with the poker tournament fee percentages charged by the poker sites, and easily know how much of the investment would be allocated to the real prize pool.

Multi-table tournaments on different sites charge poker players a 100% fee to enter the low stakes events – like $10+$1 tournaments and take a small percentage as the buy-ins increase (for instance: $1000+$50, $500+$30, and $100+$9).

Reduction in the cashback rewards by poker sites like PokerStars have significantly affected tournament players, yet the base fees for the non-gimmick Multi-table tournaments have remained unchanged from the mid-2000s.

Online Poker Tournaments are More Convenient

The Internet is widely known for convenience, and online poker tournaments are not an exception. Although many live events depend on local attendance to fill the seats, poker enthusiasts can fire up different events from their mobile device or laptop and compete for huge winnings from the comfort of their living rooms.

The increased popularity of online poker can be attributed to convenience, particularly since many poker sites accepts deposit and withdrawals from major credit cards, online wallets as well as for cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.

For-Profit Opportunities

As you already know, online multi-table tournaments are some of the softest online poker formats available. Tournaments demand the use of different strategies based on escalating cash prizes, approaching bubbles, and chip counts, that many players don’t adjust properly to.

So, if you are looking for a more profitable gaming experience, you should try to learn some poker strategies that you can rely on to improve your chances of winning.

7 May. 2021, by Ari Waknine

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