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New Playtech Slots 2021 ᗎ Latest Playtech Online Slots & High RTP

The cutting-edge technology used by Playtech is second-to-none. There are only a few other top software providers with new slot games that can only get close to the quality of the new Playtech video and jackpot slots. Of course, Playtech keeps releasing magnificent new titles, and it keeps improving its offerings.

Examples include the multi-level progressive jackpots or the revolutionary Age of the Gods: God of Storms Community Live Slots. There are many reasons why these new Playtech slots offer a better gaming experience, and we will try to explain them to you in the post. If you can’t wait, please use the buttons in the following boxes.

Do You Know All the ‘Best of’ Playtech Categories?

First things first, we would like to present to you some of the best sellers in the enormous portfolio of new Playtech games. This software provider offers a diverse portfolio with games, including just about everything from video slots through classic RNG tables to live dealer and sports betting games. So, we will keep the focus on the new Playtech online slots and please check out the ‘Best of’ them in each category!

List of the Top 10 New Playtech Slots

Rhino Blitz Review

The first place in the list is, without a doubt, for the innovative progressive jackpot slot Rhino Blitz, which was released in April 2021. This game may appear to you very similar to the famous Buffalo Blitz slot, but they put it up to another level by introducing many new features and bonus rounds. Instead of buffalo on the reels, you now have rhinos. The African wildlife theme is preserved, but the symbols are bigger and more beautiful.

New Playtech Slot Name Rhino Blitz
Release Date April 2021
New Playtech Slot Type Progressive Jackpot Slot
Number of Reels 6
Number of Rows 4
Number of Paylines 4096
Bonus Features Free Spins Feature, Jackpot Blitz Bonus
RTP% 95.96%
Variance High
Bet Pet Spin £0.20 – £200

Check out our full Playtech software guide if you would like to play other games from this type, but you can stay assured that Rhino Blitz will become your favourite slot. Its most appealing features are the six reels and the over 4000 paylines. It also has the free spins feature and the Jackpot Blitz bonus round, which could provide you with some huge prizes considering the very high variance of the slot.

Flaming Bars Review

The New Playtech Slot Flaming Bars

Next up, you should try Flaming Bars as another one of the most popular new Playtech casino slots with plenty of nice bonus levels. This slot has sticky wilds and the nice respins feature, while its greatest advantage is the simple classic gameplay.

New Playtech Slot Name Flaming Bars
Release Date 09.05.2021
New Playtech Slot Type Classic Jackpot Slot
Number of Reels 5
Number of Rows 3
Number of Paylines 5
Bonus Features Sticky Wilds, Respins Feature
RTP% 96%
Variance Medium
Bet Pet Spin N/A

You have five reels and three rows, as well as only 5 paylines. A huge progressive jackpot can also be won, so this unique combination makes it one of the best new classic slots by Playtech. It is also a fruit machine, including watermelons, lemons, plums and oranges, among the other symbols on the reels.

Absolutely Mammoth Review

The New Playtech Slot Absolutely Mammoth

Produced in 2021 by the Playtech division Rarestone Gaming, the Absolutely Mammoth video slot offers something unique in terms of winning possibilities. For instance, the highest paying symbol offers you up to 10,000x your stake! This is also a high variance game with an RTP of over 96%, so if you land a winning combination, it is rather likely that it will be huge.

New Playtech Slot Name Absolutely Mammoth
Release Date 13.04.2021
New Playtech Slot Type Video Slot
Number of Reels 5
Number of Rows 4
Number of Paylines 1024
Bonus Features Up to 5x Multiplier Bonus Round
RTP% 96.49%
Variance High
Bet Pet Spin £0.20 – £500

Other than that, Absolutely Mammoth has a typical Ice Age theme with nothing significantly groundbreaking, so it is a very nice and unobtrusive game to play. If you are a high roller, then we can highly recommend it to you! Additionally, you should check out the best high variance Playtech slots for 2021 if you want to play similar games with high payouts.

Red Wizard Review

The New Playtech Slot Red Wizard

The extraordinary layout of the game area with its variable rows and 50 paylines offers a unique modern feeling when you play the Red Wizard slot. There are five reels, but the two outermost have only three rows, by contrast to the three inner reels with have four rows. The four progressive jackpots are another awesome feature, which makes this slot so appealing.

New Playtech Slot Name Red Wizard
Release Date 10.03.2021
New Playtech Slot Type Progressive Jackpot Slot
Number of Reels 5
Number of Rows 3 and 4
Number of Paylines 50
Bonus Features Fire Blaze Respin Feature, Free Spins Feature
RTP% 96.49%
Variance Medium
Bet Pet Spin £0.20 – £500

You will like this slot not only because of its low betting limit but also because of its great mobile compatibility. Moreover, this is a nice addition to the Playtech slot machines from the Fire Blaze serries, so you will have plenty of hot specials at your disposal, such as the respin and free spins features.

Mayan Blocks Review

The New Playtech Slot Mayan Blocks

The collapsing reels feature is what will impress you the most in this new masterpiece from the Playtech Origins studio. The Mayan Blocks slot also has a very unorthodox play area of six reels and seven rows, making it very suitable for players who love motion effects and complex sounds.

New Playtech Slot Name Mayan Blocks
Release Date 27.02.2021
New Playtech Slot Type Video Slot
Number of Reels 6
Number of Rows 7
Number of Paylines Cluster Pays
Bonus Features Mystery Random Wild Feature, Multiplier Boost Spin
RTP% 95.36%
Variance High
Bet Pet Spin £0.10 – £500

The bonus round offers you up to a 20x win multiplier, while the Mystery Random Wild feature is another nice touch that Playtech added in this new video slot from 2021. The cluster pays function, and the high variance of the game provide another awesome combination, which is especially suitable for the high rollers.

AOTG: Book of Oracle

The New Playtech Slot AOTG: Book of Oracle

Book of Oracle is released by Playtech’s most famous and premier studio: Ash Gaming. It is another top addition to the Age of the Gods slot series with progressive jackpots, while its high payout/high variance ratio looks very promising to all the players who prefer the high stakes bets. AOTG: Book of Oracle comes with multiple special expanding symbols on the reels, as well as pick objects bonus game and the famous Book feature.

New Playtech Slot Name AOTG: Book of Oracle
Release Date 08.01.2021
New Playtech Slot Type Progressive Jackpot Slot
Number of Reels 5
Number of Rows 3
Number of Paylines 10
Bonus Features Pick Objects Bonus Game, Book Feature
RTP% 96.48%
Variance High
Bet Pet Spin £0.10 – £500

The book scatter symbols can surprise you with the bonus round, which starts with 10 free spins. The book on the top of the reels will show you a special expanding symbol, and you will find out why this game bears the name ‘Book of Oracle’. It is also one of the top high variance Playtech slots where the bet per spin can get as much as £500!

Khonsu: God of Moon Review

The New Playtech Slot Khonsu: God of Moon

This is one of the latest Playtech slots with very simple gameplay. Khonsu God of Moon is a progressive jackpot slot with a standard 5-reel 3-row layout, as well as 30 paylines. It is part of the famous Mega Fire Blaze Jackpots series from Playtech, and it offers plenty of juxtapositions. For example, it has a modern look with plenty of innovative features, but the symbols on the reels are all about ancient Egypt.

New Playtech Slot Name Khonsu: God of Moon
Release Date 19.02.2021
New Playtech Slot Type Progressive Jackpot Slot
Number of Reels 5
Number of Rows 3
Number of Paylines 30
Bonus Features Mega Fire Baze, Hold & Respin Feature
RTP% 96.49%
Variance Medium
Bet Pet Spin £0.10 – £100

The low betting limits of Khonsu: God of Moon make it very appealing for first-time or low-stakes players. There are four jackpots, and the best feature of the game is, without a doubt, the Mega Fire Blaze level, where you can win up to 45 Cash Moons. This new slot is one of the best Playtech games with medium variance, released by this software provider!

Dr. Lovemore Review

The New Playtech Slot Dr. Lovemore

Next up, you should try Dr. Lovemore as another one of the most popular new Playtech casino slots with plenty of nice bonus levels. It was released in 2017, and it boasts several features which seem quite innovative even today. It comes down to the Powerball jackpot and the free spins bonus level, which can bring you some pretty intriguing rewards. This slot is also one of the latest Playtech slots, which are especially suitable for high rollers.

New Playtech Slot Name Dr. Lovemore
Release Date 19.06.2017
New Playtech Slot Type Progressive Jackpot Slot
Number of Reels 5
Number of Rows 3
Number of Paylines 20
Bonus Features Wildcard, Free Spins Bonus, Powerball Jackpot
RTP% 97.01%
Variance Medium
Bet Pet Spin £0.20 – £1000

The wider betting limits could allow you to bet up to £1000 a spin, which combined with the numerous extras mentioned above, Dr. Lovemore can easily become your favourite game. Moreover, Dr. Lovemore is a progressive jackpot slot with a unique romantic/comedy theme, which is a combination you can’t find anywhere else. The simple and easy gameplay provide a perfect fit to play this game as a diversification of your other gaming sessions.

AOTG: Prince of Olympus Review

The New Playtech Slot AOTG: Prince of Olympus

This new Playtech slot is also from 2017, and it is from the iconic series Age of the Gods. It boasts a wide variety of specials and bonus levels, which will easily transform the game into one of your most favourite ones. The huge payout of up to x4000 in the base game makes it suitable for the high roller players, however, you can bet as little as 25p per spin at the same time.

New Playtech Slot Name AOTG: Prince of Olympus
Release Date 11.02.2017
New Playtech Slot Type Progressive Jackpot Slot
Number of Reels 5
Number of Rows 3
Number of Paylines 25
Bonus Features Hercules Strength Respins, Hydra Bonus, Hercules Rage
RTP% 94.82%
Variance Medium to High
Bet Pet Spin £0.25 – £500

Another great feature of AOTG: Prince of Olympus is its medium to high variance. If you don’t know what this is, simply put, you should know that the variance (or volatility) of a game is an indication of how much its RTP% varies for a certain number of spins. In other words, this new Playtech slot is not so balanced, and you can hit small wins, but when you hit a winning combination, you win big.

Superman II Review

The New Playtech Slot Superman II

If you want to play one of the best DC Comics new slots by Playtech, then you should try Superman 2! It is also a 2017 release, and it features progressive jackpots, as well as multiple bonus levels, which you can find in the table below. Superman 2 is also a low-stakes superhero slot, which is especially suitable for newbies and first-time players who want to learn how to play without the risk of losing a lot.

New Playtech Slot Name Superman II
Release Date 24.02.2017
New Playtech Slot Type Progressive Jackpot Slot
Number of Reels 5
Number of Rows 3
Number of Paylines 25
Bonus Features Daily Planet Headline Bonus, Skyline Flight, X-Ray Vision, Lois & Clark, Battle for Metropolis
RTP% 95.03%
Variance Medium
Bet Pet Spin £0.25 – £25

You will like this slot not only because of its low betting limits but also because of its great mobile compatibility. It wouldn’t be any other way, yet, the storyline of the slot is all about Superman and its supernatural possibilities. You can enjoy it everywhere on the go.

What Sets the New Playtech Slots Apart from the Others?

Now, when you know the top 10 new Playtech online slots, we would like to point out their main advantages over the other games from the same provider. For instance, some of the most popular Playtech slots are DC Comics- or movie-themed, while the newest titles include a much wider range of topics and storylines.

Also, the latest Playtech slots offer higher RTP percentages than many of the best releases from other top slot software providers. The signature game series, such as the AOTG and Kingdoms Rise, as well as the unique game features, such as progressive jackpot and multiple bonus levels, are also factors that set these slots apart from the others. Here are a few other reasons:

  • Better Mobile Compatibility on iOS, Android and Windows Devices
  • Cutting-Edge Livestream Slots with Live Chat and Other Innovative Features
  • More Indulging Storylines with DC Comics and Famous Movie Themes
  • Advanced Betting Limits Suitable for Both Low- and High-Stakes Players
  • Huge Portfolio of Over 700 In-House and Premium Branded Titles
  • Development of Unique Bonusing and In-Game Engagement Tools
  • Releases of New Game Series, Such as Kingdoms Rise and Livestream Slots
  • Better Game Quality, Graphics, Gameplays, and Quicker Loading Times
  • More New Playtech Online Slots with Progressive Jackpots
  • More Paylines and More Complex Gaming Areas with Stacking Wilds

The best thing is that Playtech is a world-renowned software provider, and it keeps releasing new slots regularly. For example, some of the upcoming Playtech slots in 2021 are AOTG: Spin a Win, Sahara Riches Cash Collect and Bee-i-n-g-o, among others. Each of them has innovative features and plenty of specials, and we highly recommend them to you. Overall, the new Playtech slots with medium and medium-to-high variance are the best choice and, of course, the higher the RTP% – the better!

Top 10 New Playtech Slots with High RTP%

New Playtech Slots with High RTP Are the Best

You should know what the RTP percentage means in the first place. This is the payback percentage of your wager per spin, and it is measured on average. It could range from a low of 85% to a high of 97% (or even more). Our guide with the best high RTP slots is recommended to read if you would like to know more about these games. Meanwhile, here is a list with the top 10 high RTP new Playtech slots as well!

Playing new slots by Playtech, which also have a higher RTP%, means that you can get the same level of enjoyment with a very great chance to strike a winning combination at the same time. That’s why we can highly recommend you these new Playtech slots. Well, if you want more, then please check out also our guide of the top new online casino slots, where you will find a tonne of other great titles.

New Playtech Casino Slots: FAQ

The following short FAQ section will explain to you more details about the best new Playtech slots, so take a look. It features questions asked by players like you, and it is important to know their answers before you play Playtech video and jackpot slots for the first time.

🎰 Which are the best new Playtech slots?

The best new Playtech online slots feature innovative features like Livestream, cascading symbols with stacking wilds, high payouts and wider betting limits. Playtech keeps releasing new titles, so make sure to stay up to date by following its portfolio with new games.

🏆 Which are the most popular new Playtech slot categories?

There are various Playtech new slot categories with ‘Best of’ titles in each category. Examples include the highest RTP new slot, best symbol payout slot and best DC-Comics slot among others. Check them out and find the most suitable slot category for your taste!

🤑 Which new Paytech slots have the best payouts?

The highest paying new Playtech slots feature an RTP of over 96%. These games offer the best payout which is measured as the payback percentage of your wagers for a specific time and number of spins. They are suitable for both high rollers and low-stakes players.

🥇 What is the best casino to play new Playtech online slots?

If you want to play the latest Playtech slots at the best sites, you should check out Ladbrokes Casino or Power Spins Casino, for example. There are fantastic gambling operators with dozens of top Playtech games in their portfolios, which also include classic casino games like roulette, blackjack and others.

🆕 Why should I play new Playtech casino slots?

Firstly, you should try the best new Playtech slot categories because they offer a lot of advantages over the older releases from the same or other software providers. The new Playtech slot benefits are very intriguing. For example, the Livestream slots offer you the possibility to chat with hundreds of other gamers as you play.

🤔 How to win on a new Playtech slot?

You should know that every Playtech online slot is RNG tested for the fairness and randomness of its results. That being said, to win on the latest Playtech slots, you should get lucky in the first place. Secondly, to play slots like Rhino Blitz or Red Wizard, you should know very well their payout tables and learn which are the best paying symbols.

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