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Australia: New Destination for Young Players Bridging to NBA

Recently the word on the street is that many young and highly – talented European prospects are using Australia as a springboard into the National Basketball Association (NBA). This method of stepping stone from Australia to the NBA draft has worked out well for such players as LaMelo Ball as well as Josh Giddey.

The Next Star program overseas in the down under currently features promising young talent including Hugo Besson who is 20 – year – old French prospect. Another candidate to go from Australia straight to the NBA is Besson’s teammate on the New Zealand Breakers in Ousmane Dieng.

The Next Stars program (NBL) provides these young and ambitious ball players with skill sets that truly help them transition into the National Basketball Association. Some of those trainings assist these international wonders improve their English linguistics. The style of play is also meant to mimic the NBA as they go hard as fuck as really fast too. This prepares the naive prospects for what they would most definitely encounter with the big boys of the NBA.

Please stand by to see these young gentlemen soar their way into pro hoops at the highest level after working things out in Australia (Aussies) as well as New Zealand (Kiwi’s) prior to making it big or even just to a prominent University in the United States of America (U. S. A.) with a profound basketball program for further development om the court and a fine education off of it.

Media Statements

“We’ve been turning people away in droves, it’s the honest truth,” says the commissioner of the National Basketball League (NBL) Jeremy Loeliger.We’re very selective. It’s seen as a bona fide way to enter the NBA draft in an alternative pathway to college. There’s a risk in everything. The flip side of the coin with risk is opportunity. All of a sudden LaMelo Ball became the principal ball – handler and scorer for the Illawarra Hawks that season and that really allowed him to do the things that he went on to do.”

The league has spoken with, “Some really, really prominent NBA players. I can assure you,” Loeliger goes on to say, “that we’ll be continuing to have a number of those conversations in the coming 12 months.”

The young French prospect, Hugo Besson, who just so happens to be a combo guard who joined up with the New Zealand Breakers as a regular role import player due to the fact that the NBL squad already had its Next Star player in Besson’s compatriot, Ousmane Dieng. Hugo told the club’s media that he decided on the National Basketball League for the reasoning that,It’s fast, it’s shooting fast, it looks a lot like the NBA.


Maguire, Ken. “European prospects eye Australian springboard to NBA”. The Associated Press. November 30, 2021.

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