The Pets of Famous Soccer Players

Marcelo Vieira da Silva Júnior, known simply as Marcelo, is one of Real Madrid’s most talented athletes. He’s also highly active on social media, so his fans will no doubt be familiar with the six fluffy furballs he spends so much of his time with.

The most famous of them is easily Lola, a rare Newfoundland dog breed with thick black hair, just like her owner. Lola is a common sight on Marcelo’s Instagram feed and seems to find herself at peace in nature.

The hero defender also has a labrador called Nalla, and four smaller pooches known as Kiara, Ully, Thaig and Bella. Dogs clearly hold a special place in Marcelo’s heart, and the constant affection he shows them is always a heartwarming sight. 

4. Mohamed Salah

There’s no doubt that Mohamed Salah is Liverpool’s greatest player right now. He scored the most goals in the English Premier League last season and is the only player to score more than 20 goals for Liverpool over the course of three consecutive seasons.

Salah isn’t just a prolific pro; he’s also a vocal animal rights activist and a self-confessed cat lover. He owns two Balinese cats at the moment – a long-haired Siamese breed with piercing blue eyes and a thick coat of fur.

Having owned a variety of pets in his life, Salah enjoys sharing the lessons he has learned with his followers. His media posts over the past few years have often featured personal statements about animal rights, along with plenty of pics of him together with his feline friends.

5. Arturo Vidal

Chilean star player Arturo Vidal is one of the world’s strongest and most aggressive midfielders. His fierce tackling and sheer tenacity on the field have earned him the nickname “The Piranha,” and his passion for adrenaline-filled competition is in every inch of his being.

Whether it’s tattoos and soccer betting or Ferraris and horse racing, Vidal lives life in the fast lane and seizes every opportunity that comes his way. In 2014, his love for racing led to him buying six horses and a stable in his home country. But he didn’t stop there.

Vidal now owns more than 60 horses, a handful of which race at a thoroughbred track in Chile’s capital, Santiago. When he’s not playing the beautiful game, Vidal often takes time off to care for his horses and ensure they get all the attention they deserve.

6. Karim Benzema

As one of Real Madrid’s highest goal-scorers, Karim Benzema is never content with mediocrity. His uncanny ability to find the back of the net makes him a threat to any defense, but his intense drive to pursue glory hasn’t always worked out in his favor.

Benzema has a habit of posing in photos alongside rare and endangered species, from chimpanzees to iguanas. As you can imagine, reactions to his social media posts are somewhat mixed, with many replies accusing him of irresponsible behavior.

To his credit, Real Madrid’s star striker has always stuck to the law when it comes to animals. When photos of his family playing with tiger cubs hit the web, he responded to naysayers by suggesting that the public had misinterpreted his love for rare species.

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