Best Online Slots to Explore the Wilderness

Grizzly bears loom large in the mythology of the American West. The tales of frontiersmen such as Lewis and Clark are filled with dramatic encounters with these imposing beasts, with their deadly fangs and claws and the uncanny ability to stand on two legs, like a human being. But bears aren’t as savage as they’re painted. In fact, unless threatened, they’re very tolerant animals that can be empathetic, joyful, playful, social and even altruistic. Bear Money is one of the best casino games for getting in touch with the more fun side of bears. Head for the woods on a sunny day as you take the role of a hungry bear in search of tasty treats to snack on. One treat you’ll be sure to appreciate (if you can pull it off) is the Multi Cash Collector Bonus, featuring picnic baskets packed with multipliers and respins.

Wolf-themed online slots

They refer to it as the “call of the wild.” It’s the feeling that nature is summoning you to go on an adventure somewhere out there in the unknown. Nothing symbolizes this call quite as much as the howling of a pack of wolves. These animals are the wildest of the wild, capable of surviving practically any hardship that nature can throw at them. Native American cultures revere wolves for their courage, strength, loyalty and success at hunting, believing that deities sometimes roamed the earth in the shape of a wolf. If you fancy running with the wolves while playing slots online, there are several options. 

Double Wolf is a classic 3-reel online gambling slot set in the frozen Arctic wastelands, while Wolf Cub is an endearing outdoor adventure story told via animation. The antics of the wolf cub of the title will have you in stitches, and the stacked symbols in the game’s Blizzard Feature offer great cash potential. For a more serious take on wolves, Wolf Guardian takes you on a quest across the great American plains. The wolf acts as your spirit guide, accompanied by a spirit bison, deer and bear, all with the power to potentially alter your fortune as your journey beneath the big full moon.

Prairie Thunder

Some of the most iconic American products in history have been named after America’s wild mustang horse. Think of the all-conquering World War Two fighter aircraft and the legendary Ford Mustang automobile. The name evokes thoughts of beauty, freedom and power that appeal directly to the spirit. A herd of mustangs in full gallop is an awe-inspiring sight that cannot fail to move the viewer to the depths of their soul. This magnificent energy is captured in Prairie Thunder, the Keno game that takes you on a wild ride across the vast prairie. It’s an 80-spot Keno game with a 20-number draw. Wolf, horseshoe and mountain symbols liven things up, with free games and win multipliers of up to 81x your bet.

Answer the call of the wild – play casino games at BetMGM

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