Where Does the Term Jackpot Come From?

The “Jacks or better” poker of the Wild West is a thing of the past now, but the progressive jackpot concept has caught on big time, especially among players of online slots. The original idea is the same: Everybody taking part in the game contributes to the jackpot pool (in online slots, that means a fraction of your bet), and the pot keeps growing until somebody wins the jackpot. 

The difference is that instead of a few poker players around a table, an unlimited number of players can participate indirectly in progressive online gambling slots. That means there’s also no limit to the amount that a networked progressive jackpot can grow to – until somebody out there wins, at least. And it could be you. The odds are extremely slim (so don’t gamble what you can’t afford to lose), but there’s a chance.

Explore the world of jackpot slots

The great thing about playing jackpot slots is that there are so many to choose from, all with feature-rich themes, eye-catching visuals, snappy animations and epic soundtracks. Travel to the mysterious world of Ancient Egypt in Loot’en Khamun and Book of Myths, go on a fantasy treasure quest for the mighty Dragon’s Hoard, or blast off into space with Super Star. Melon Madness Deluxe may be the ticket if you like to play slots online with fruit themes. Then there’s Luck O’ The Jackpot, trading on the classic theme of Irish luck, as well as Champagne Super Clover. Every one of these progressive online slots is a slick, finely crafted gem that’s easy to play and a ton of fun to watch.

Hit the entertainment jackpot with casino games at BetMGM

If you’re looking for progressive jackpots when you play slots online, you’ll get more than bargained for when you sign up at BetMGM. Our broad range of online casino games includes all of the titles mentioned above, and a whole lot more. But don’t feel restricted to playing online slot machines. You can enjoy the full gamut of classic card and table games such as poker, blackjack and roulette in our online casino. Try our first-person and live dealer variations for a totally new experience too! 

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