What is Gamification?

People who regularly play live casino online games will have probably come across the term “gamification” in recent times. Even if it’s a term you’ve never heard before, you can be sure that the concept has infiltrated your online gambling in one way or another.

Keen to find out more? Read on to learn everything you need to know about this rising online casino trend and what the future holds because of it.

What is it?

The concept of gamification revolves around including certain game mechanics in non-gaming environments to promote enhanced engagement among participants. This could mean introducing leader boards, points, or badges, along with providing feedback or information concerning the next steps along the way, all in an effort to urge users to “progress” towards a goal. The ultimate aim is to optimize engagement to achieve interaction, sharing, and collaboration within a community or group of people.  

While the concept is taking the digital casino world by storm, it’s also spreading much farther than that. It’s possible to see it popping up in all sorts of businesses – often via a company’s intranet – to optimize participation among employees. You’ll also see it extending to websites, learning management systems, online communities and more. It spans across a host of different industries, too, from retail and e-commerce to healthcare and politics.

Gamification in online casino games

Although quite subtle at first, gamification has been a part of the online casino games world for some time now. However, it’s only in recent years that it has started to move into the spotlight, particularly when it comes to online slots and broader digital casino communities. Various online slot game producers have been introducing the concept to keep their loyal players coming back for more to earn points and badges and gradually climb the ladder of a leader board, usually in an attempt to win significant prizes.

Some virtual casinos have fully embraced the concept and are allowing a dramatic increase in interaction between their online gamblers as a result. This makes it possible for them to chat and exchange “valuables,” like free spins, in return for points to help the exchanger climb the “ranks” faster.

Another example of gamification in virtual casinos is the introduction of loyalty and/or VIP programs that promise profitable perks to regular gamblers. Usually, the perks and bonuses are earned when a player completes specific “missions.” For example, you could be awarded 10 free spins by playing three different online slot games in 24 hours. Some casinos specialize in daily missions, whereby missions change day by day, and the goal is to complete as many of them as possible before a fresh set comes in. On the other hand, others specialize in ongoing missions, levels and leader boards. In short, the more missions you complete, the higher you can climb up the leader board and the greater your player level will become, with the higher levels offering access to more attractive rewards.  

Essentially, gamification provides long-standing gamblers with a new and exciting way to play, as well as something different to attract newbie gamblers from far and wide – especially those who enjoy playing and experimenting in the video gaming realm.

Why is it so effective?

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