Up Your Game with These Poker Software Tools

Perfect for beginners, this equity tool includes solver software that calculates your equity on various simulated hands, making sure that you are prepared for every situation. This impressive software can analyze equity before and after the flop as well as any other possible scenario. 

Poker Tracker 4

A market leader in its field, this tool is used by many experienced players who find its detailed graphs very useful. It has developed monumentally over the past few years and the most recent fourth edition is essential for individuals who participate in high-stake tournaments.

Its focus is on creating customized statistics for an endless range of scenarios that can give you an added edge over the competition. From the information provided, you’re able to prepare for all types of scenarios. It is particularly useful in the game’s later stages when the time between turns is shortened and you have less time to react and strategize. 

Poker Co-Pilot

Brilliant for both beginners and experienced gamblers, Poker Co-Pilot incorporates HUD software that helps you get the right read on opponents. This information is updated after each round, giving you the most accurate data available. More impressively, it monitors the mistakes you make to help you clean up your game. Additionally, it provides the same information about your opponents’ game, allowing you to identify and exploit their weaknesses. During a game, on-screen statistics pop up without you having to click a button.

Some experienced players prefer to use PokerTracker instead, but Poker Co-Pilot is a great way for novices to understand database software before moving on to more intricate tools.


This equity calculator works out the probability of your hand winning against a range of hands. This is a great tool for beginners because it helps them to develop a feel for ranking certain hands such as a flush or straight. From there on they can proceed to develop more effective poker strategies. 

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