The Real Reason Why Casinos Change Dealers So Often

Player and dealer familiarity

Dealers undergo training to ensure they maintain professionalism while chatting with players. Still, being too familiar with players makes it easier for players and dealers to work together to cheat the casino. Dealer rotations lower the chances of any suspicious activity between players and dealers. 

Making games less predictable

Just like players, every dealer is unique. They each have unique styles of dealing. In roulette, some dealers spin the ball in a distinctive way – otherwise known as the dealer’s signature. 

Changing dealers makes it difficult for players to spot the dealer’s signature and predict where a spin will land. Even though the chances of this strategy succeeding are extremely low, changing dealers makes it challenging for players to analyze them and identify a dealer’s quirks and habits. 

Keeping players happy

It’s proper casino etiquette to be kind to your dealers and to tip them well. However, even with these unwritten casino laws, sometimes customers are less than pleased with their dealers and are very verbal about it. 

Many players blame their bad luck on dealers, which means dealers often have to deal with difficult clients. Changing dealers helps keep these players happy. Even if they dislike a dealer, they can be comforted knowing they won’t have to play with them for too long. 

Does dealer rotation affect your winning streak?

Ultimately, casinos aren’t cheating or tricking you when they change dealers. All casino games have a set house edge that players can research and read about before playing. Dealer changes help casinos maintain this house edge so they don’t have a bigger advantage than they should. 

It might seem unfair that casinos will switch dealers right in the middle of your winning streak. But, once you understand that one of the most crucial parts of a dealer’s job is ensuring no suspicious activity or cheating is taking place, this move makes sense. What’s more, the rotations help dealers perform their jobs efficiently. The fast mathematical calculations dealers have to make without assistance might be affected if they’re tired or distracted. Switching a dealer means a fresh eye is watching a table to ensure the winning streak is indeed fair and not due to cheating or a strained dealer. 

Many players believe that dealers can ‘leave with their luck.’ But the opposite can also be true. If you’re having a terrible losing streak, the casino will still switch dealers and possibly ‘change your luck.’ Obviously, this belief is not backed by science and facts. However, it serves to show that dealer rotations can also work in your favor when you need them to. 

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and do your research

Legitimate casinos have to follow strict casino regulations and undergo regular audits. If you feel unsure or suspicious about anything when you play real money casino games, do your research to understand why casinos do certain things. If you play slots online, read up on the casino technology that’s used to protect you online to ensure all games are legal and fair.

The BetMGM online casino is ready to answer any questions you may have about how casinos operate. Our 24/7 customer support team is available via email, phone call or chat. Feel free to ask all your questions about the differences between live dealer and regular online casino games and how house edges work.

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