The Most Common Careers in Casinos

Gambling is taking off in the United States, not only as a legitimate form of entertainment but as a source of employment. The live casino industry is expanding, while the online casino business is growing fast too. Live casino online games especially bridge the divide between land-based and online gaming. That means employment opportunities are set to multiply as more and more people line up to play in a casino online. 

Whether you enjoy casino table games or you’re more into online slots, it’s good to know that you could potentially convert your pastime into a job that has great career prospects. Read more to find out the most common careers in casinos.

Floor staff

Floor staff are indispensable to any casino operation. The purpose of these casino workhorses is to keep guests happy and make sure that the casino always looks great. The job title applies to various roles, including custodians, bartenders, wait-staff, gofers, and any other position that involves hands-on work. Floor staff team members often cycle through different roles on different nights. They’re always on the move, ready to assist guests by answering questions or showing them where they can find a game. They keep the floor and restrooms clean too. 

The job requires a can-do attitude where no job is too menial to complete. Stamina, self-discipline, and a strong work ethic are also essential. If you’ve got what it takes to work long hours with a smile, a floor staff position is a great way to begin a casino career.


Casino cashiers are at the coalface of the casino business. They’re responsible for managing money and helping guests who want to top up their bankroll or cash out their chips. That means long hours in a booth or cage sorting out issues with checks, credit card issues, and wire transfers. Cashiers often have to put up with disgruntled customers, there aren’t many opportunities to earn tips, and the work is fairly repetitive. 

While this might not look like such a great prospect on the face of it, the positive side is that the job of casino cashier is an excellent entry-level position to get into casino management.

Slot attendant

Casino slot games are a firm favorite on the casino floor, and it’s up to slot attendants to work with casino guests and management to keep things running smoothly and ensure a good customer experience. 

A slot attendant is allotted a specific set of casino slot games and video poker machines to work with. The job involves making sure the machines run properly and taking care of guests’ comfort and safety. Another aspect is paying out big wins by hand to slow players. Slot attendants also work with slot hosts to promote casino loyalty programs. 

It’s a great way to gain exposure to casino guests and develop customer service skills. If you’re successful as a slot attendant, you’ve got a good shot at becoming a casino host.

Casino host

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