How to Celebrate National Friendship Day

Why friendship is so meaningful

Even though life would certainly be dull without our friends, it’s still easy to overlook how essential friendships are in our lives. You can’t lead a fulfilling life without a healthy network of friends. Moreover, friends are crucial to your physical and mental health – having a close friend group decreases your risk of health issues like diabetes, heart attack and stroke. 

In addition to your quality of life, having good friends can also increase the length of your life, since feelings of loneliness can negatively impact longevity. The effects of positive friends reach beyond science and biology. Consider the emotional support, confidence, and motivation you get from true friends. 

Friendships should be cherished, and staying in touch with friends shouldn’t feel like a chore. This August, it’s time to celebrate and appreciate your friends. Let’s show you how.

Buy your friends a gift or a treat

Who said you had to wait until Valentine’s Day to get flowers and chocolate from someone special? This National Friendship Day, buy your friends their favorite indulgent treats and snacks or a bunch of flowers to make them feel special and cherished. If you have time, put together care packages customized to each friend’s personality and taste. 

Plan a special day at home

Celebrating your friends doesn’t have to break your bank. If you want something more affordable than planning a getaway, spend time with your friends at home. Go the extra mile and host the perfect dinner party with fancy invitations. Alternatively, opt for something more relaxing and let your friends show up in their pajamas or sweatpants for a movie night.

Catch up with old friends

Some bonds are so strong they can’t be broken by time apart or distance. Still, it’s easy for life to get in the way of our relationships. Dedicate time to calling, texting, or writing letters to the friends you’ve lost touch with along the way. Find out how your old and new friends are doing. If you can, lend them a hand in some way. 

Make new friends

Let’s be honest, it’s getting increasingly difficult to make new friends and keep them. If you’ve switched to online casino slots and games, you’re probably socializing less than you did in traditional casinos.

Let’s face the truth. Maybe you don’t have as many friends as you should. Don’t wallow in your loneliness, get proactive and change that. Sign up to volunteer for interesting projects and join social clubs. Invest time in new hobbies with other people and actually start accepting invitations when you receive them.

Play online casino games together

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