How Casino Dealer Skills Can Help You in Business

Dealers have a key role to play in the successful operation of a casino. They’re responsible for running casino table games such as blackjack, poker, roulette, and baccarat, so they have to determine winners, pay out winning bets, and collect losing bets while ensuring that house and game rules are followed. Dealers also have to make certain that customers have a good time while playing casino games. After all, even the best casino games can fall flat if the table’s got a surly dealer. To perform these functions successfully, dealers have to draw on an extensive skill set that combines technical and mathematical can-do with the ability to read people and situations. These hard-won and sought-after skills are highly transferable. Let’s take a look at how casino dealer skills can come in handy in other business situations

Reading and dealing with people

Knowing how to read and deal with people is a skill that all dealers must have. Whether you operate poker or blackjack tables, casino dice games, or roulette, you need to be able to pick up on the cues that tell you whether a customer is a potential troublemaker or cheat, and you know how to deal with problematic situations. Applied to a business context, this ability is a major asset. Whether you’re working in an office or running your own business, you want the assurance that you can rely on your co-workers or partners, not to mention sussing out any potential business rivals. Evaluating their real motives and intentions will help you to see things clearly and make the right calls. It’s all part of the ongoing process of risk assessment that all successful business people carry out. That’s why doing business and making deals is often compared to playing a game of poker. You have to read your opponents and weigh up the risks before making your next move.

Being a team player

Whether they’re running land-based or live dealer games, the best casino dealers know just how to create a fun, welcoming atmosphere at the gaming table. An important part of that is keeping your ego in check. Casino games are all about the players’ entertainment, so you don’t want to show off your own knowledge, boss them around, or make them feel bad in any way. This applies equally to business relationships. If you’re planning on being a business success, you need to know how to get the most out of the people you work with. That goes double if you want to be a business leader. In the same way that a casino dealer is responsible for ensuring that the players at their table enjoy the game as much as possible, business leaders are responsible for maximizing their personnel’s potential for professional growth. If you can be equally invested in the success of the people you work with as you are with your own, you’re well on your way to being the kind of team player who succeeds in business.

Being organized

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