Bring Autumn into Your Outfits with Fall Fashion Ideas

If you are a millennial, you might have missed the heyday of the 1990s, and what a time it was! Friends launched Jennifer Aniston’s career and propelled her to Hollywood stardom. It also kickstarted a wave of “Rachel Green” trends, from haircuts to ongoing sartorial inspiration, based on her character’s wardrobe in the famous TV series. 

Going beyond Friends and taking overall inspiration from the era of rave and grunge, some ideas for bringing back this look back include wearing strappy dresses over T-shirts, high-waisted mom jeans, square-toed boots, overalls and anything plaid. You could even add one of the most coveted pieces of the season, the “shacket,” a combination of a shirt and a jacket.

Mix it up with some bright shades

If you thought fall was all about subtle shades of yellow, orange and brown, think again! Although you can certainly bring these hues into your outfits of choice, one of the latest trends is big and bold colors. And mixing them up with no fear.

Imagine pairing solid yellow T-shirts with brightly patterned skirts, or neon-orange blazers over purple turtlenecks. When it comes to mixing and matching, there’s no need to be shy, thanks to this trend. In fact, patterns in themselves never go out of fashion, so there’s no harm in combining different types of colors and patterns in one go. 

If you do prefer something a bit more understated, you could also choose to go with something a bit more pastel, and incorporate one of the season’s most popular colors: lavender.

Relax into some loose-fit jeans

We all love the sleek look of skinny jeans, but now it’s time to take a load off and enjoy wearing more loose-fitting denim. Apart from being more comfortable and easier to put on, you won’t have to undo any buttons when you sit down to play games like online casino slots, either!

Think mom jeans à la 1990s rom-com, boot cuts and ever-cozy boyfriend jeans. These can be paired with a simple T-shirt and blazer, or you could throw on a cropped sweater or tuck in an elegant shirt for a more refined look. Men looking to follow this trend can choose to wear more comfortable jeans too!

Layer up with some comfy knitwear

As the weather starts to cool down, it’s time to start cozying up in knitted sweaters. A key trend in the fashion world this season is sweater vests, which you can choose to wear over something else… or not. Not only is this look cute and preppy, but it’s way more comfortable than any kind of uniform. 

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