Best Texas Hold’em Books for Beginner to Advanced Players

Harrington on Hold ’em Volume 1 & 2 – by Dan Harrington & Bill Robertie

Ready to improve your poker skills with Poker Hall of Famer Action Dan? Dan Harrington is a professional poker player who’s won two WSOP bracelets, a World Poker Tour title and the World Series of Poker in 1995. His two books are considered to be the two best books ever written about poker. In this book, Dan takes time to go into detail about game strategies, how to analyze your starting hand, and poker positions. The second volume goes deeper, teaching you how to play well in later stages when the blinds and antes are at their highest. Here the duo cover handling inflexion point players, heads-up play and the final moves at the end of a tournament.

Excelling At No-Limit Hold’em – Jonathan Little

Jonathan Little’s book is one of the most engaging reads on our list. It’s more than just wisdom and strategy from one talented player, but collaboration and discussion between some of the best poker players. The book gives you the rare opportunity to view various Texas Hold’em situations from the point of view of different players with different styles. Excelling At No-Limit Hold’em features insights from players you might already be in awe of, like Phil Helmuth, Chris Moneymaker and Olivier Busquet to name a few. These experts will weigh in on everything from the basics of the game to advanced concepts like analyzing ranges, short stack strategies, GTO approach, final table play and more. If you’re interested in improving your online poker tournament strategy, their personal experiences and tricks will turn you into a formidable opponent. 

Applications of No-Limit Hold em – by Matthew Janda

Applications of No-Limit Hold em is a must-read for any player who wants to improve their Texas Hold’em playing strategies with practical tools and tricks. Though the book introduces and explains theoretical concepts like ranges and bet sizing, it’s not made to be overly complex or confusing. Janda’s theory is written to be immediately applied and to help you be a better and more successful player. 

For Advanced Players

No Limit Hold’em: Theory and Practice – David Sklansky & Ed Miller

David Sklansky featuring on a list of the best poker books is a given, but this time we’re trading his popular Theory of Poker for this advanced read. In this book, Sklansky partners with expert Ed Miller to cover crucial concepts like adjusting to stack sizes, manipulating pot size and reading hands. This book also teaches players how to win the mental game of poker and manipulate opponents into playing badly. When you’ve read this, you’ll be a mentally equipped player who knows how to size their bets and raises well. Make space on that bookshelf because No Limit Hold’em features practical poker tournament tips you need to know to give you an edge in your next game.  

Ryan Fee’s 6max NL Strategy Guide – Ryan Fee

If you’re looking for something budget-friendly to read right away, read this. Fee’s book is popular with cash game players and is completely free. The ebook teaches small and mid-stakes, and covers the progression of a hand through pre-flop, flop, turn and river. You’ll also learn about continuation betting, donk betting, floating, double, triple-barreling and check-raising. 

Done reading and ready to play?

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