Best Superhero Series Worth Binging On

Kara Danvers has a secret: Her name is really Kara Zor-El, and she’s a refugee from Krypton. For 12 years she’s hidden her superhuman abilities. Meanwhile, her cousin Kal-El – otherwise known as Clark Kent, otherwise known as Superman – has used his superpowers to fight the forces of evil. But Kara’s reached the point where she can hold back no more. She decides to embrace her superpowers and be who she was always meant to be: The hero, Supergirl.

Set in the CW Arrowverse, a superhero media franchise and shared universe based on DC Comics superheroes, Supergirl is more than your average superhero drama. Sure, it has all the standard superhero fluff (secret identities, billionaire villains, bulletproof skin,) but it also takes on a number of social justice issues. Feminism, xenophobia, transgender rights – Supergirl has strong views on issues like these, and she’s not afraid to speak up.

An added bonus of Supergirl is that the stakes get higher with each season, so you’re always on the edge of your seat. Making sure you stay there are intriguing villains, not least Veronica Sinclair, who goes by the name of Roulette. Her casino, known as “The House,” offers more than casino table games. The best games to play at her casino are gladiatorial fights between captured superheroes… while the audience of DC villains bets on the outcome.

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is one of DC Comics’ most popular characters, in the same league as Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, so it was only a matter of time before she got her own series. And what a series it is!

Harley Quinn is an HBO Max animated series that follows Harley’s adventures after she realizes that the Joker doesn’t love her. So she breaks up with him and strikes out on her own. Her mission is to prove to the Legion of Doom that she’s a competent villain worthy of a place at their table. To achieve this goal, she recruits her own crew of Poison Ivy, Clayface, Doctor Psycho, King Shark, and Sy Borgman. All the while, though, she has problems from the Joker, who can’t stand the idea that Harley could be a strong, independent female supervillain.

Harley Quinn is a real roller-coaster ride where everything is topsy-turvy in the craziest way. The Joker’s Iceberg Lounge is where villains go, not to play casino games but to plot the most gruesome crimes, while Harley Quinn checks in and out of Arkham Asylum like it’s a home from home. The pace is as fast as the best online slots, but the stakes are madness and sanity, love and hatred, life and death. Too high for some! If you’d rather set your own, why not relax with your favorite casino table games in a live casino online – and be thankful that you’re not Harley Quinn!


Watchmen plays out over nine episodes set in a fictional Tulsa, Oklahoma, 34 years after the story related in the original graphic novel by Alan Moore. Masked vigilantes have been outlawed because of their violent methods, but that’s about to change. The series begins three years after a terrible event called the White Night, when white supremacists carried out a coordinated attack on police and their families. Police officers now have to protect their identities by wearing masks. The Seventh Kavalry, as the shadowy group behind the attack is known, disguise themselves in black-and-white “Rorschach” masks.

Against this background, detective Angela Abar (played by Regina King) and Tulsa Police Chief Judd Crawford (played by Don Johnson) are trying to get to the bottom of a brutal police shooting. They begin to suspect that the Seventh Kavalry is about to stage a comeback. Meanwhile, Laurie Blake comes to town. Played by Jean Smart, she’s an FBI agent with any icy manner and a colorful vigilante history on a mission to unravel another ghastly murder.

Pretty soon, things start getting crazy, and the authorities realize that it’s time to reactivate The Watchmen Program to stop the Seventh Kavalry before it’s too late. Dr. Manhattan, Hooded Justice, Ozymandias, and other vigilantes return to battle with the villains. Once again the question arises: Who watches the Watchmen?

Watchmen is a colossal series that you can swallow in one go. It has style, action, humor, and a killer soundtrack, plus a host of extreme yet relatable characters who aren’t always clear about where good ends and evil begins. Binge away!

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