A List of the Best Casino-Themed Novels

In the 1980s, Atlantic City was a gambler’s playground, and this book by Bill Kearney shows just that. Comped is a novel based on Kearney’s high-roller days in the famous city on the Jersey Shore when the enormous economic crash to come was not even considered.

As with many of the best casino-inspired novels, Comped takes a look at the dark and shady underbelly of organized gambling. This was a time when huge celebrities frequented the establishments in Atlantic City: All kinds of trouble abounded, and fast cars, expensive penthouses, and life’s excesses were just part and parcel of life here.

All On Zero by Argiro Mantoglou and Don Nielsen

All On Zero is another love story that takes place in a casino, and while love is anything but candid and transparent, these two protagonists have to be extra careful to hide their true emotions during high-stakes games.

Stavros and Dawn meet in a casino, and they work together to try and chase big money across a number of different casino games. Of course, not everything goes to plan, and things soon start to unravel. 

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